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Season Paper Décor Gift Ideas: Artistic Elegance and Inspiring Collaborations

Explore Season Paper's decoration collections, where creativity and artistic collaborations transform into unique gift ideas. Discover our wide range of distinctive objects that go beyond mere decoration, offering carefully designed original pieces to brighten up your interior or delight your loved ones.

Season Paper Gift Ideas: Unique and Aesthetic Objects

Cotton Knitted Throws

Our large cotton knitted throws embody comfort and the art of Jacquard knitting. Made entirely in a French workshop, these throws stand out with hand-drawn motifs reinterpreted in knitting. Draped over the sofa or laid on the bed, they are the perfect gift idea to provide warmth and softness.

Responsibly Sourced Wrapping Paper

Wrap your gifts in style with our French-made wrapping paper. Each roll of 3 sheets measuring 50 x 65 cm features an exclusive motif, imagined and hand-drawn by the brand's creators in their Montreuil studio. Printed with vegetable inks on certified paper, it is fully recyclable and will enhance all your beautiful gift ideas.

Soaps, Ceramics, Jewelry, and Figurines

Explore our other product ranges, from scented soaps to handmade ceramics, delicate jewelry, and unique figurines. Each item is carefully designed in collaboration with talented artists to brighten up your daily life and make each of your gift ideas an original keepsake.

Gift Ideas from Inspiring Collaborations

Marie Sixtine

The floral collaboration between Marie Sixtine and Season Paper brings a touch of happiness to every wardrobe. The "Parfum" motif, originally painted in gouache by Season Paper, adorns the pretty pieces of this spring and vibrant mommy-mini capsule collection. Elegant clothing and matching accessories, as well as an exclusive stationery and wallpaper line, complete this sparkling collaboration for memorable gift ideas.

Galatée Pestre

The essence of the Season Paper spirit captured in the creations from our collaboration with jeweler Galatée Pestre. Precious and delicate jewelry inspired by our patterns, such as leaves, birds, and geometric shapes, are meticulously crafted in 925 silver and vermeil. A limited edition capsule collection that shines on every occasion.

Le Baigneur

Celebrating our 10th anniversary, the collaboration with Le Baigneur brings to life two iconic soaps dressed in our "L'oiseau" and "Exquise" motifs. The Blue Soap, scented with organic lavender essential oil, and the Green Soap, scented with lemongrass essential oil, are the ideal gift idea to enchant your bathroom or that of your loved ones.

Chaumière Oiseau, Élise Lefebvre, Elsa Dray-Farges

Discover unique collaborations with Chaumière Oiseau, Élise Lefebvre, and Elsa Dray-Farges, giving rise to exclusive collections for the home. From glazed ceramics to stationery to mini papier-mâché sculptures, each piece reveals an artistic expression that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary and gives you unique gift ideas.

At Season Paper, our decor gift ideas transcend the ordinary, offering artistic pieces that captivate. Explore our collection and discover inspiring collaborations that add a touch of originality to every space. Whether for a birthday, Christmas, or just to express your affection, our decor gift ideas are a unique way to celebrate the art of living.