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Treat yourself to a break, focus, take your time and admire patterns gradually taking shape before your eyes.

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1000-Piece Puzzles: The Art of Concentration and Discovery with Season Paper

1000-Piece Puzzles: An Artistic Break to Escape

Step into the enchanting world of Season Paper's 1000-piece puzzles, where each piece matters to reveal a captivating artistic realm. Treat yourself to a well-deserved break, immerse yourself in concentration, take your time, and admire the pattern taking shape before your eyes, piece by piece. Our 1000-piece puzzles are designed for challenge and aesthetics enthusiasts, creating a unique assembly experience for adults.

1000-Piece Puzzles Made in France

Our French-made 1000-piece puzzles were designed with ideal shape characteristics in sustainably sourced materials:

  • A format of 68 x 49 cm;
  • 100% French manufacturing;
  • Sustainable materials: paper and cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe and vegetable inks;
  • Fully recyclable puzzle.

Our 1000-piece puzzles are not just a leisure activity but a work of art in its own right. Every detail, from the choice of format to the materials used, has been designed to offer you a unique experience.

Season Paper's Creativity Printed on Each Piece of Your 1000-Piece Puzzle

Season Paper's large puzzles delve into artistic themes dear to our founders, Julie and Mélissa. Each illustration is the result of meticulous hand creation in their pattern studio in Montreuil. Discover the artistic diversity of our creative duo through exclusive patterns that transform each puzzle into a work of art to contemplate.

The 1000-piece puzzles from Season Paper unveil an enchanting collection, each transporting assembly enthusiasts into unique artistic realms. "Joie," a collaboration with Chaumière Oiseau, offers a poetic escape into voluptuous hills where mysterious birds flutter in the light of the setting sun. "Clearing" creates a harmony of colors with its multicolored flowers, gradually revealing a magical clearing. "Primavera" bursts with vibrant colors, providing a visual challenge with brightly colored flowers and abstract shapes. "Utopie," a collaboration with Heju, merges architecture and plant elements in a palette of natural and organic tones. "Escapade," painted in gouache, reveals characters in a rural setting, with each detail coming to life piece by piece. "Olympe," a 1000-piece puzzle of pastel-colored birds, offers delicacy in each element of the artistic tableau. "Lavender Flight" carries you into a dreamlike forest where mustard-colored birds swirl. Each pattern, assembled piece by piece, offers a unique visual experience, inviting you to savor every captivating detail.

Discover the art of assembly with our 1000-piece puzzles from Season Paper—games that transcend mere entertainment to become a true artistic experience. Treat yourself to a creative break, explore each pattern, and experience the joy of assembling a puzzle that transforms into a framed work of art or one to start anew.

1000-Piece Puzzle "Joie" - A Poetic Escape