Pocket notebooks

This mini Pocket Notebook is perfect for notting down all your ideas.
A small notebook in passport format to take everywhere. We like the idea of ​​affixing an illustration and a few words, an invitation to write your precious notes.

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Season Paper Pocket Notebooks: The Art of Noting in Every Situation

Step into the world of Season Paper pocket notebooks, the perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics. Our mini notebooks, designed to be carried everywhere, offer a unique writing experience. Discover a range of functional pocket notebooks with exclusive patterns, reflecting a commitment to responsible manufacturing.

Compact Pocket Notebooks: Your Thoughts Always at Hand

Season Paper pocket notebooks stand out with their compact size of 9 x 12.5 cm, perfect for slipping into a bag, pocket, or discreetly placed on your desk. With 48 blank pages with rounded corners, these miniature notebooks become the perfect companions for jotting down your thoughts or sketching at any moment.

Manufactured in France, these pocket notebooks showcase artisanal craftsmanship. The 300g ivory paper cover and 90g ivory offset paper interior ensure impeccable quality. The staples enhance its strength to guarantee the longevity of your little notebook.

Exclusive Patterned Pocket Notebooks: Season Paper Creations Adorn Your Daily Companion

The original drawings adorning our pocket notebooks are the work of Julie and Mélissa, the founders of the brand. Their illustration studio in Montreuil is where all their captivating creations come to life. Among all stationery items, you'll find Julie and Mélissa's favorite inspirations: geometric shapes, birds, and flowers. At Season Paper, each pattern is hand-drawn, whether in gouache, watercolor, pencil, or on a digital tablet. Several times each season, you'll have the pleasure of discovering new collections featuring unique patterns for your pocket notebooks.

Made in France and Responsible Production Approach for Your Pocket Notebooks

Season Paper is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by favoring local manufacturing. Products are made in France, by artisans committed to responsible practices.

The papers in our pocket notebooks come from forests managed in Europe, and our manufacturing processes use vegetable inks without mineral oils or solvents. We collaborate with a printer certified as Imprim' Vert, emphasizing our commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

All our stationery items, including pocket notebooks, are crafted in a family-owned business in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, our partner since 2014. Certified FSC, Imprim Vert, and ISO 14001, our manufacturer exemplifies our ongoing commitment to high environmental standards.

The choice of paper, such as Munken Pure rough 300 g/m² and Sorapress 90 g/m², demonstrates our commitment to quality materials. We minimize packaging to the maximum, often opting for paper packaging to reduce our environmental impact.

Choose Season Paper pocket notebooks and let your creativity flow wherever you are. Combining functionality, aesthetics, and a thoughtful production approach, our mini notebooks embody the essence of carefully designed stationery.