Monthly and Weekly planners

Always keep an eye on your schedule thanks to our planners: perpetual monthly agendas and weekly planners. They will accompany you throughout the year.

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Season Paper Planners: The Art of Organizing Your Daily Life with Our Monthly and Weekly Planners

Monthly Planner: Timeless Organization in Beauty

Discover our monthly planner, a perpetual organization notebook with a refined design. Ideal for optimal planning, this planner covers each week of the year, offering a total of 70 weeks. Its cleverly arranged double pages feature a clear table where you can note the week number and your daily events. At the bottom of the page, a dedicated space allows you to express your thoughts, and a special section for the current month is provided. At the end of your planner, a sheet allows you to record important dates for each month. You also have about ten pages with small squares to jot down anything you don't want to forget.

Regardless of the pattern that captivates you, you will find the ideal features in every Season Paper planner:

  • A convenient size of 16 x 24 cm;
  • 40 high-quality pages in 90g ivory offset paper;
  • A sturdy cover made of 300g ivory creation paper, adorned with our original patterns, hand-drawn in Montreuil;
  • Thoughtful French manufacturing;
  • A stapled planner for optimal durability.

Weekly Planner: The Balance Between Utility and Aesthetics

Indulge in a functional companion with our weekly planner, an essential accessory to structure your week with simplicity. Imagined and crafted with precision, our weekly planner offers 52 detachable pages with dedicated writing space for each day of the week. With this practical solution, note your appointments throughout the year and add your special notes at the bottom of each page, on the lines provided for this purpose. Soften your daily life with this exclusive weekly planner.

All models of our weekly planners offer the dreamed-of features:

  • An ideal size of 16.7 x 24.5 cm;
  • Responsible French manufacturing;
  • Pages made of 90g ivory offset paper;
  • Cardboard back for flawless resistance;
  • 52 pages printed with our exclusive patterns, hand-drawn and detachable with rounded corners.

Season Paper Planner: A Testament to Our Responsible Manufacturing Approach

Since the beginning of the Season Paper adventure in 2012, we have been committed to constant reflection on our relationship with consumption and cleaner production methods. Our stationery items, including the monthly and weekly planners, are printed and crafted in a family-owned business in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, with whom we have been collaborating since 2014.

In our quest for sustainability, we are keen on working with partners who obtain and maintain the best certifications and production techniques:

  • FSC, Imprim vert, and ISO 14001 certifications;
  • Use of vegetable inks without solvents or mineral oils;
  • Offset printing techniques for optimal quality;
  • Choice of responsible papers such as Munken Pure rough 300 g/m² and Sorapress 90 g/m²;

Aware of our environmental responsibility, we minimize packaging as much as possible and work to eliminate the use of plastic, including for our planner. If packaging is necessary, we prefer paper.

For this planner and our other products, we conscientiously invest in the careful selection of raw materials and packaging. Moreover, we adopt a reasoned production approach, carefully limiting our stocks to avoid waste and excess. Transparency guides each of our actions and ways of doing things, ensuring our customers a clear view of our manufacturing processes. By favoring "made in France," we actively support local expertise, contributing to the dynamism of our economy.

At Season Paper, we believe in reasoned, responsible, and enlightened consumption, offering beautiful, useful, and durable items at fair prices, such as this range of monthly and weekly planners. Find your essential companion here for well-organized weeks and months!