Happy and colorful animals that decorate the walls of a living room or a child's room.
Wallpapers, like a bestiary, made of our timeless patterns.

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Animal Wallpapers: Liven Up Your Walls with Season Paper

Dive into the captivating world of Season Paper's animal wallpapers, a selection where fauna comes to life on your walls. Imagined and hand-drawn by Julie and Mélissa, the brand's founders, these wallpapers transform each room into a true artistic bestiary. Discover a variety of animal patterns that evoke joy, nature, and fantasy.

Unique Creations for Your Animal Wallpapers

Birds, a favorite theme of the designers, take flight on our animal wallpapers through patterns such as Imagine or Joie. Explore flocks of delicate birds with the Envolée, L'oiseau, Ciel de Paris or Olympe patterns. If you're more in the mood for travel, let yourself be transported by exotic birds perched proudly on palm leaves with the Parrot pattern. Season Paper's jungle or forest animal patterns, such as Cache Cache Lichen, Animalia, Amazonie or Jungle, invite you to discover animals camouflaging themselves in lush foliage. Each roll of our animal wallpapers tells a visual story where the wilderness comes to life. Finally, some of our animal wallpaper illustrations highlight your favorite little animals, whether it's a mischievous fox on Fox Croud or adorable hunting dogs on Teckels. Each Season Paper animal pattern creates a warm and playful atmosphere for every room in your home.

Animal Wallpapers Reflecting a Commitment to Responsible Decoration

Choose wallpapers with animals that reflect Season Paper's commitment to responsible production. Our 100% non-woven wallpapers are FSC certified, PVC and formaldehyde free, and fire resistant. Manufactured and printed to order to eliminate any surplus production, our rolls are made with eco-labeled water-based inks, free of VOC emissions. The manufacturing process ends with cutting, rolling, protection with tissue paper, and packaging in recycled and recyclable cardboard. Shipped directly by the manufacturer, our approach favors a short circuit, reducing the logistical impact. Choose Season Paper animal wallpapers, a harmonious marriage between graphic aesthetics and environmental responsibility.

Features of Our Animal Wallcoverings Made in France

Our non-woven animal wallpapers are printed in a family-owned company in the Lyon region, with which we have been collaborating since 2018, thus embodying French know-how. Each roll, measuring 0.50 x 10 m, is made and printed to order, ensuring consistent quality from one production to the next. Easy to install and lightfast, our wallpapers offer a responsible artistic touch to your interior. Beautify your space with Season Paper animal wallpaper, the perfect fusion of creativity and quality.