The ones that make you dream, travel... Our Landscape Wallpapers are all made in France with care.

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A Season Paper Landscape Wallpaper for a Unique Panorama in Your Interior

Explore our creations and choose the landscape wallpaper that inspires you. Each of them tells a story, an imaginary getaway, an invitation to travel. Designed with passion and hand-drawn in our pattern studio near Paris, by talented artists and co-founders Julie and Mélissa, our wallpapers capture the magic of natural and urban landscapes to transform your living spaces into true havens of dreams and escape.

Explore Unique Patterns and Find Your Ideal Landscape Wallpaper

Let yourself be carried away into an enchanted forest with our panoramic landscape wallpaper, "Le Chemin." This pattern features a charming bear character strolling along a path amidst majestic trees. Perfect for a child's room, it creates a magical and playful atmosphere, stimulating imagination and inviting exploration. You can also immerse yourself in the warm and contrasting atmosphere of our Desert landscape wallpaper. The pastel tones bring a soothing softness while the scattered palm trees in the image evoke distant and sunny landscapes. Ideal for bringing a touch of exoticism to your living room or bedroom. For a design and graphic ambiance in every room of your home, opt for our models "Joie" and "Utopie." The harmonious marriage of colors and shapes reinterprets traditional landscapes to create modern and inspiring compositions that will brighten up your interior.

Choose a Landscape Wallpaper Designed Responsibly

Our wallpapers reflect our commitment to responsible manufacturing techniques. Designed responsibly, they are 100% non-woven, FSC certified, and free from PVC and formaldehyde. Each roll of landscape wallpaper is made and printed on demand to avoid unnecessary overproduction. The inks used are eco-friendly, water-based, and emit no VOCs. Our approach favors a short circuit, thereby reducing logistical impact and promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

Choose a Wallpaper Made in France

Proud of our artisanal heritage, our non-woven wallpapers are made in France in a family-owned business in the Lyon region with which we have been collaborating since 2018. Each roll of landscape wallpaper from our collections is made and printed on demand, ensuring consistent quality and eliminating batch variations. The 150 g non-woven paper offers exceptional smooth and matte rendering, enhancing colors and ensuring unmatched light resistance. Easy to install and resistant, our wallpapers are available in rolls of 0.50 x 10 meters, allowing you to transform your space with ease and style. Be inspired by a Season Paper landscape wallpaper and transform your interior with uniqueness, letting your walls invite you to travel.