Children's room

Which Wallpaper to choose for a child's room? How to transform a large or a small room into a joyful, fun, colourful and soothing space? Here are our recommendations for your kids.

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A Baby and Child Bedroom Wallpaper for Dreamy Spaces

To brighten up and beautify the nighttime space of your kids, dive into our exclusive collection of wallpapers. At Season Paper, we make it a point to offer you unique and original creations. Each model of wallpaper for baby and child bedrooms features a carefully hand-drawn pattern in our illustration studio near Paris by our artists Julie and Mélissa. Discover the magical universe of our wallpapers designed to create an inspiring and relaxing environment for your little one.

Find the Perfect Wallpaper Pattern for Baby and Child Bedrooms Among Our Various Models

Season Paper's wallpapers for baby and child bedrooms offer a wide choice of patterns, perfect for your kids' rooms, creating spaces where their imagination can roam freely. Among our collections of wallpaper for baby and child bedrooms, you'll find enchanting panoramas, such as Le Chemin which retraces the stroll of a little bear through an enchanted forest. Our patterns also feature winged or four-legged companions, mischievous animals like those depicted in Teckels, Imagine, Ouistiti, Animalia, Fox Croud, Olympe, and many more. We also offer graphic designs in soft pastel colors, such as Aube, Géométrie, Trame, and Lune, as well as floral and colorful patterns, bringing a touch of vibrancy to your child's room with the lovely daisies of Passionnément, or the explosion of colors in Parfum, Heure d'été, and Joie.

Discover a Consciously Made Wallpaper for a French-Made Child's Bedroom

Since 2018, we have been collaborating with a family-owned business located in the Lyon region to print our non-woven wallpapers, thus illustrating our commitment to French craftsmanship. Each roll of wallpaper for your baby's or child's bedroom is made to order and printed on demand, ensuring consistent quality from one production to another by eliminating batch variations. Their smooth and matte finish offers exceptional color rendering and unparalleled light resistance. Moreover, they are easy to install and highly light-resistant. With French manufacturing, each roll measures 0.50 x 10 meters, made of 150 g non-woven paper, ensuring easy installation and excellent durability.

Choose a Responsible Production for Your Baby's Bedroom Wallpaper

Season Paper is firmly committed to increasingly environmentally friendly production, especially when it comes to your kids' nighttime space. Therefore, our non-woven wallpapers are fully FSC certified, without formaldehyde or PVC, and fire-resistant. To avoid any waste, we manufacture each roll of wallpaper for baby and child bedrooms on demand. The inks we use are water-based, emit no VOCs, and are eco-labeled. Additionally, cartridges are recyclable, and our supplier collects and recycles all consumables. Finally, after production, our wallpapers are carefully packaged in recycled and recyclable cardboard, promoting a short circuit to reduce logistical impact. Choose a quality, imaginative, and environmentally friendly baby bedroom wallpaper to create a unique and inspiring space in your child's room with Season Paper.