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Send your wishes and sow flowers thanks to our Planting Cards.
They are made in France with a special paper that contains seeds - guaranteed wow effect!

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Plantable Card by Season Paper: Sow Wishes, Reap Flowers

Send your wishes in a unique and ecological way with a plantable card by Season Paper. Made in France, these special cards contain seeds, offering a double gift: the message you send and the flowers that will bloom from the card itself. Provide a memorable and environmentally friendly experience by sending a plantable card to your loved ones.

A Plantable Card for an Original and Responsible Gesture

Giving a plantable card by Season Paper is more than sending a simple wish. It's creating a lasting memory with a burst of flowers, illustrating the sustainability and beauty of your message. Here, we materialize our commitment to more environmentally friendly practices through the choice of certified and recyclable papers, as well as through French manufacturing. Each plantable card embodies our commitment to sustainability and offers a unique and ecological way to express your wishes.

A Seeded Card Full of Advantages

Our uniquely characterized plantable card has been designed to leave a lasting impression. It stands out with carefully thought-out details:

  • Double card with brown envelope: Each card is made in a 14.2 x 10 cm format, accompanied by a matching plain brown envelope, adding a simple and natural touch.
  • Seeded paper 250g: Crafted with a special paper containing seeds, our plantable cards have a 10.5 x 14.8 cm format that provides ample space to deliver all your sweet words.
  • Mixture of 8 flowers: The seeds in our cards offer a variety of eight flowers, transforming your wishes into a beautiful bloom of colorful flowers.

Extend the duration of your wishes for all the significant occasions in your life by opting for our plantable card. It fits perfectly for all special events: Christmas, New Year, thanks, a vacation memory, a birthday, Father's or Mother's Day, a declaration of love, encouragement, or congratulations. Each one brings a touch of freshness and nature to the special moment you want to celebrate.

Plantable Card Adorned with Our Exclusive Patterns

Dive into the artistic universe of Season Paper with our exclusive patterns, handcrafted by our founders Julie and Mélissa. Passionate about geometric shapes, birds, and flowers, they infuse limitless creativity into our regular collections of greeting cards.

Each plantable card is adorned with an illustration that results from meticulous artisanal and artistic processes, using various techniques such as gouache, watercolor, markers, or digital tablets. Enjoy a wide selection of carefully designed drawings, creating seeded cards that combine aesthetics, originality, and environmental commitment. Express your wishes with beauty and meaning by choosing a plantable card by Season Paper.