Floral and plants

Flowers for a bit of poetry in your bedroom? Or a jungle to transform your living room? Discover our wallpapers with Floral and Plant patterns.

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Season Paper Floral Wallpaper: An Invitation to Nature

Transform your living space with our collection of floral and botanical wallpapers. Each illustration, hand-drawn in our pattern studio in Montreuil by the talented Julie and Mélissa, tells a unique story, bringing a touch of poetry to your interior through a one-of-a-kind floral wallpaper.

Floral Wallpaper for Every Style and Interior

Explore our diverse range of floral and botanical patterns, each carefully designed to bring a particular atmosphere to your habitat:

  • Immerse yourself in a delicately retro aesthetic with our Pop and Passionnément motifs, featuring graphic and stylized flowers.
  • Create a soothing ambiance with Embruns, Joie, Utopie, Nuage, Parfum, Envolée, and Peaches, our poetic, soft, and lyrical motifs.
  • Bring vitality to your interior with the colorful flower bouquets of our Nectar, Heure d'été, Garden, and Cottage designs.
  • Let yourself be carried away to exotic lands with our illustrations of lush vegetation such as Abondance, Luxuriance, Jungle, Plume, and Ouistiti.

Most of our designs are offered in two or three different color palettes, providing a variety of choices to find the floral wallpaper that perfectly complements your interior.

Thoughtful and Responsible Production of Floral Wallpaper

Our wallpapers reflect our commitment to responsible production. Certified FSC, 100% non-woven, PVC and formaldehyde-free, fire-resistant, they guarantee safety and environmental respect. Each roll of floral wallpaper is made and printed on demand, thus eliminating any excess production. The inks used are eco-labeled, water-based, and emit no VOCs. Cartridges are recyclable, and all consumables are recovered and recycled by our supplier. The manufacturing process concludes with careful packaging in recycled and recyclable cardboard, promoting a short circuit that reduces logistical impact.

French Made-to-Order Production, Reflecting the Unique Quality of Our Floral and Botanical Wallpapers

Choosing a Season Paper floral wallpaper means opting for French craftsmanship. Printed in a family-owned business in the Lyon region, our non-woven papers offer a smooth and matte appearance, ensuring unparalleled color brilliance and excellent light resistance. Each roll, made and printed on demand, eliminates batch differences for consistent quality from one production to another. With a practical roll size of 0.50 x 10 m, and easy-to-install 150 g non-woven paper, our wallpapers are both aesthetic and durable, adding a floral touch to your interior and timeless elegance.