Our notebooks, like all our stationery, are made in France with care. Our patterns make them joyful and colourful everyday companions.

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Season Paper Notebooks: Creativity, Quality, and Thoughtful Manufacturing

Explore our collection of Season Paper notebooks, where creativity meets quality, offering unique products designed thoughtfully. Our notebooks are not just writing surfaces; they are beautiful and practical daily allies with patterns carefully crafted by our founders, Julie and Mélissa, in their illustration studio in Montreuil.

Pretty and Durable Notebooks in the Ideal Format

Our notebooks are designed in the perfect format of 21 x 14 cm, offering a convenient size for daily or on-the-go use. Their perfect dimensions make them easy to carry while providing enough space to jot down all your ideas.

Each notebook contains 64 pages of 90g ivory offset paper, offering a quality surface for writing with either a pen or a pencil. The lined pages, with their rounded corners, add a functional touch to this everyday companion.

The cover of each notebook is made of 300g ivory creative paper, ensuring durability and resistance. The hand-drawn exclusive patterns by Julie and Mélissa add an artistic dimension to each notebook, making them unique and aesthetic objects.

All notebooks in our collections are stapled, ensuring a strong and durable binding. Every detail, from the interior features to the poetic cover, is designed to provide an exceptional writing experience.

Made in France Notebooks and Responsible Production Approach

The manufacturing of our notebooks reflects a commitment to producing better, with a growing dedication to considering environmental realities. All our notebooks are made in France, in a family-owned business in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, with which we have collaborated since 2014.

Our manufacturer is certified FSC, Imprim vert, and ISO 14001, demonstrating our sensitivity to responsible practices. The use of vegetable inks in the printing process and the choice of certified papers contribute to minimizing our impact on the environment.

For our notebooks, we favor two types of paper: Munken Pure rough 300 g/m² for the cover and Sorapress 90 g/m² for the pages. These papers are selected for their quality and European origin. Munken Pure rough is manufactured in Sweden, while Sorapress is produced in Slovenia.

Ethical Commitment and Thoughtful Production of Our Notebooks

Since its launch in 2012, Season Paper has constantly strived to question and improve our relationship with consumption and production. We limit packaging, avoid unnecessary plastic, and aim to produce fair quantities to prevent overstock.

We choose our partners and service providers not only for their expertise but also for their human and ecological commitment. We make it a point to remain true to our values by advocating for thoughtful, responsible, and informed consumption. Our initial choice of French manufacturing for our notebooks is driven by common sense, tapping into local know-how and supporting local businesses.

Season Paper notebooks are more than just notebooks; they are artistic expressions and sustainable gift ideas. Each notebook illustrates our passion for quality, creativity, and a commitment to better environmental responsibility. Choose unique notebooks that reflect your values.