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The art of wrapping: so that your gifts are as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside, dare to use our patterned printed papers!

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The Art of Packaging: Elevate Your Gifts with Season Paper Printed Gift Wrap

At Season Paper, the illustrations from all our collections are hand-drawn in the pattern studio of the brand's founding artists, Julie and Mélissa, in Montreuil. The unique creations of our printed gift wrap add a touch of originality and poetry to each package, transforming every gift into an aesthetic and unique attention.

A Love Token with Season Paper Printed Wrapping Paper

In the surge of the heart, the packaging of a gift becomes much more than a simple gesture. It's a silent declaration, a visual poem printed on paper. Offering a gift is also telling a story through the choice of colors, patterns, and textures. In this attention to detail, you engrave your feelings into the memory of those you hold dear. So, the wrapping becomes the prelude to a discovery, the announcement of a surprise imbued with love, which Season Paper helps you to care for with its printed gift wrap.

A Pattern of Printed Gift Wrap for All Your Considerations

Plunge into a universe where each pattern tells a story, where each color evokes an emotion. At Season Paper, we celebrate the diversity of nature through a rich and varied collection of printed gift wraps. Let yourself be enchanted by our animal motifs, Sauvage and Teckels, or our patterns Envolée and Échappée, inspired by one of Julie and Mélissa's favorite themes, birds. Explore also an enchanting floral universe through our vibrant patterns Passionnément, Clairière, Nectar, Coquelicot, and Printemps. Finally, for those seeking originality, dare our printed gift wrap Yoga, an unexpected and singular motif.

Commitment and Responsibility: French-Made Printed Gift Wrap

Beyond aesthetics, Season Paper is committed to offering products that are both beautiful and have an increasingly reduced impact on the environment. Our gift wraps are carefully designed and presented in rolls of three sheets, each measuring 50 x 65 cm, made in France from 90 g ivory paper. We are committed to a thoughtful manufacturing process, which is why our production is as responsible as possible at every stage: our papers are certified, our inks are vegetable-based, and our raw materials are entirely recyclable. Thus, each gift wrapped with our printed gift wrap becomes a symbol of our commitment to more sustainable consumption.