Large blankets knitted in fine cotton, made entirely in a French workshop. Patterns with subtle colours, hand-drawn and reinterpreted in jacquard mesh. Placed on the sofa or thrown on the bed, they will cover you in warmth and sweetness.

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Made in France Throws: Aesthetic, Comfort, and Local Manufacturing

Made in France Jacquard Knit Throws: French Softness

The made in France cotton knit throws by Season Paper embody the founders' intention, Julie and Mélissa, to enhance your interiors with everyday objects that combine aesthetics and functionality. After stationery and decorative items, they introduce you to their 100% French throws, always adorned with their beautiful exclusive illustrations. Immerse yourself in the world of Season Paper throws, where hand-drawn patterns meet the tradition of Jacquard knitting.

Made in France Throws Woven in a Lyon Workshop

All our 100% French throws have ideal features that provide comfort and beauty:

  • Generous dimensions of 180 x 120 cm for snuggling or giving your sofa a bold look;
  • A clear choice of French manufacturing to prioritize local production and support French know-how;
  • 100% cotton knit for natural softness and a unique touch sensation;
  • A subtle palette of different colors to adapt to all interiors.
  • Possible washing at 30°C for easy maintenance suitable for daily use.

Commitment to local production guides each of our choices. Our made in France throws are knitted with precision in a factory in the Lyon region, a true cradle of textiles in France, establishing a connection between our passion and French expertise. This geographical proximity facilitates communication, ensuring smooth production and lasting relationships with our artisans.

The Art of Jacquard Knit for Our Made in France Throws: One Pattern, One Story

For the manufacturing of our made in France throws, no detail is left to chance:

  • Jacquard knit: Each throw is made on a straight knitting machine, combining tradition and modernity. The quilted Jacquard knit creates regular knit stitches on the front and a very graphic appearance in dotted colors on the back.
  • Meticulous selection of threads: The machine needles and color threads are chosen with precision to create distinctive patterns.
  • Computer-assisted design: The carding, once done with punched cards, is now computer-controlled, allowing for the perfect adaptation of Season Paper patterns for knitting.
  • Neat finishes: The edges feature matching colored diagonal lines. Knitted bands are sewn at the ends for impeccable finishing.
  • Hand-embroidered labels: All our made in France throws are adorned with a hand-embroidered label, adding a touch of authenticity.

The choice of cotton for our throws offers an incomparable tactile experience. With its long fibers, cotton prevents pilling and gains softness over time. These properties, combined with Jacquard knitting, give our made in France throws a high-quality feel. They stay cool in summer, warm in winter, and are designed to last, becoming timeless focal points in your interior.

Choose our Jacquard knit made in France throws, an invitation to French elegance and a refined tactile experience. Rediscover comfort through the perfect union of artistic patterns, traditional manufacturing techniques, and the warmth of cotton.