Our Notepads are a stationery essential, the ideal accessory for making your to-do lists.
They will brighten your desk with colorful patterns.

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Season Paper Notepads: Aesthetic and Functional on Every Page

Our Season Paper notepad model materializes the meeting point between practicality and aesthetics. More than just a stationery accessory, our notepads feature unique patterns and are the result of meticulous French craftsmanship. Explore the exceptional features, chosen materials, and regular collections that make our notepads outstanding writing companions.

Season Paper Notepads: A Must-Have Stationery to Take Everywhere

The Season Paper notepad is more than just a notebook. Adorned with graphic, floral, and colorful patterns that reflect our identity, it becomes the ideal accessory for creating your to-do lists or taking inspired notes.

With 75 detachable printed pages, our notepad offers a practical writing experience. Add a functional dimension to the aesthetics of each page by easily detaching your notes for organization or sharing.

Made in France, our notepad embodies a commitment to artisanal craftsmanship. The 90g ivory offset paper ensures superior quality, while the cardboard back guarantees durability. The compact size of 18 x 10 cm makes it ideal to carry everywhere.

An Environmentally Friendly Notepad Made in France

Each pattern that adorns the pages of our notepad model is carefully handcrafted by Julie and Mélissa, the founders of Season Paper. Their illustration studio in Montreuil is where authentic creations come to life, embellishing all our stationery items.

Since 2014, our made-in-France stationery products have been manufactured in a factory in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. This trusted collaboration allows us to maintain high-quality standards while reducing our ecological footprint. The papers we use, such as Sorapress 90 g/m², come from sustainable sources in Europe, notably Slovenia.

The original Season Paper patterns are printed with vegetable inks, reflecting our commitment to increasing environmentally friendly production practices. Our French printer, holding the Imprim'vert label, reinforces our dedication to more sustainable production practices.

Regular Collections and Exclusive Patterns: An Artistic Touch on Every Page of Your Notepad

Julie and Mélissa, devoted to their passion for geometric shapes, birds, and flowers, hand-draw new patterns throughout the year. These unique creations define our regular collections, adding an artistic dimension to our notepads.

Enjoy a wide range of illustrations for personal stationery items. Harmoniously chosen shades and timeless inspirations make our notepads aesthetic everyday objects, combining beauty and functionality.

Choose Season Paper notepads and discover the perfect harmony between artistic creation, practicality, and commitment to thoughtful production. Our French creations offer you an exceptional writing experience, where each page becomes a canvas for your thoughts and ideas.