Would you like a cheerful decor to dream about everyday on your walls? Then choose one of our figurative wallpapers. Cloudy skies, skits or characters, the choice is yours!

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Season Paper Patterned Wallpapers: An Artistic Note on Your Walls

Are you dreaming of adding a joyful and inspiring touch to your daily life by admiring unique decors on your walls? Choose our patterned wallpapers that transport you into creatively rich universes. Whether you prefer cloudy skies, evocative scenes, or playful characters, our figurative wallpapers are designed to awaken your imagination and offer you a personalized decor.

Patterned Wallpapers Highlighting Season Paper's Thoughtful Manufacturing

Our commitment to responsible production is evident in the design of our patterned wallpapers. They are 100% non-woven, FSC certified, PVC-free, formaldehyde-free, and fire-resistant. Each roll is made and printed on demand to eliminate any excess production. The inks used are eco-labeled, water-based, and emit no VOCs. The packaging uses recycled cardboard, promoting a short circuit to reduce logistical impact. Additionally, each design of our wallpapers is handcrafted in our illustration studio in Montreuil by the talented artists and creators of Season Paper, Julie and Mélissa. Their passion for art and aesthetics is reflected in every detail of the patterns they shape with markers, watercolors, pencils, or digital tablets, adding an artistic dimension to your living space.

Made-to-Order Production in France: A True Quality Assurance

Our non-woven papers come to life within a family-owned business established in the Lyon region, a partnership initiated in 2018 that fully embodies French craftsmanship. The smooth and matte texture of our paper ensures exceptional color rendering and unmatched light resistance. Each roll of our patterned wallpapers is custom-made before being printed on demand, ensuring consistent quality from one production to another. Benefit from French craftsmanship, convenient sizing (0.50 x 10 m roll), easy-to-install 150 g non-woven paper, and its light resistance.

A Variety of Patterned Wallpapers for Every Taste

Explore our collection of figurative wallpapers to find the illustration that matches your style and aspirations. In the mood for escape? Let yourself be transported by wallpapers with motifs like Somewhere, Diane, and Désert for an ambiance imbued with reverie and elsewhere. Ground yourself in reality through authentic scenes and characters like those in the Promenade, Ranch, and Maison motifs that bring a touch of realism to your interior. Give your walls a new life with our Season Paper patterned wallpapers, where art and ecology harmoniously blend to create a decor that inspires and marvels.