More than a place to scribble your ideas, this Journal has become one of our iconic notebooks. It has a lot of pages, but in a compact A5 size that's easy to carry around.

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Season Paper Journal: Pages Filled with Inspiration

Explore the captivating world of Season Paper journals, where art, quality, and a commitment to thoughtful production converge. Immerse yourself in the intimacy of writing with our unique journals designed to record your most precious thoughts.

Comfortable and Nomadic A5 Journal

Embark on a journey of writing with our generously sized 16 x 24 cm journal. Featuring 128 carefully designed pages, including 64 lined pages, 32 squared pages, and 32 colored pages, this journal offers a beautiful variety of layouts to suit all your inspirations.

The cover of our journals is made of 300g ivory creation paper, with flaps for better protection. Its square glued and sewn spine with a thickness of 2 cm ensures exceptional durability and quality. The A5 format also makes it easy to carry, allowing you to take your journal everywhere with you.

Made in France Journal and Responsible Production Approach

At Season Paper, reducing our carbon footprint is at the core of our approach. All our stationery products, including our journal model, are made in France by artisans committed to responsible practices.

We use papers from forests managed in Europe (including Crush paper made from citrus residue for our journal model) and vegetable inks free from solvents and mineral oils. Our printer, holder of the Imprim' Vert label, ensures environmentally friendly printing methods.

In the spirit of promoting social inclusion, we collaborate with an ESAT for the packaging of our products. Our logistics partner also contributes by providing work opportunities for those looking to reintegrate into the job market.

Our journal range is produced in a family-owned business in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, with whom we have been collaborating since 2014. Our manufacturer holds certifications such as FSC, Imprim Vert, and ISO 14001, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement of our environmental practices.

To ensure the highest quality, we primarily use Munken Pure rough 300 g/m² and Sorapress 90 g/m² papers. The responsible origin of these raw materials, combined with our commitment to minimizing packaging, reflects our concern for sustainability.

Exclusive Patterns and Creativity for Your Journal

Each Season Paper journal is a canvas for exclusive patterns imagined and hand-drawn by Julie and Mélissa, the founders of the brand. Their illustration studio in Montreuil is the birthplace of unique creations, blending geometric shapes, flowers, and birds for an artistic writing experience. Our two illustrators offer several new collections each season, ensuring you find the ideal writing companion throughout the year.

When you choose a Season Paper journal, you opt for more than just a notebook. You invest in a travel companion for your thoughts, a quality object designed with passion, and a commitment to a more environmentally friendly consumption. Let our journals capture your precious and inspiring moments.