Wallpapers made in France graphic and colourful for every room in the house.

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Geometric Wallpapers: Graphic Lines and Burst of Colors

Season Paper's geometric wallpapers, made in France, are more than just tapestries. Each pattern is meticulously handcrafted near Paris in our illustration studio by talented artists Julie and Mélissa, bringing an artistic and creative touch to your living space.

Varied Patterns for Our Geometric Wallpapers

Explore our wide range of graphic patterns, designed to brighten up every room in your home. Be charmed by the motifs with soft and poetic curves of our geometric wallpapers, evoking a revisited retro atmosphere. Designs like Utopie, Arche, Rencontre, Patience, Crossroads, and Wavy bring a nostalgic touch while remaining decidedly contemporary. Sunshine on your walls: opt for our Farniente pattern, which creates a warm ambiance in every room of your home. This sunny motif will warm up the atmosphere of your living spaces, creating a true haven of peace where it's good to live. Make your walls vibrate with our designs featuring geometric tiles and stripes, playing on contrasts of vibrant colors. Patterns like Quilt, Lune, Trame, or Lignes will bring a visual dynamism to your interior. You'll notice that most of our geometric wallpaper designs are available in several color options to suit any ambiance.

Thoughtfully Made Geometric Wallpapers

At Season Paper, we are committed to producing wallpapers responsibly, in line with our environmental values. We strive to use certified materials to the maximum. Our geometric wallpapers are 100% non-woven, FSC certified, and free from PVC and formaldehyde. To limit any excess production, each roll is made and printed on demand. Additionally, the inks used for digital printing are eco-labeled, water-based, and emit no VOCs. Our manufacturing process includes the cutting of our geometric wallpapers to full length, rolling, and protection with tissue paper before packaging in recycled and recyclable cardboard. Moreover, by shipping directly from the manufacturer, we promote a short circuit, thus reducing logistical impact.

Custom-Made and French Manufactured Graphic Wallpapers

Our non-woven wallpapers are manufactured in a family-owned business in the Lyon region, in collaboration with Season Paper since 2018. This proximity allows us to guarantee exceptional quality for each of our products and remarkable French craftsmanship. The fabulous color rendering of our geometric wallpapers is made possible by their smooth and matte appearance. Furthermore, each roll is custom-made and printed on demand, eliminating batch differences and ensuring consistently high-quality production. Finally, our graphic wallpapers are easy to install and light-resistant, offering a durable and aesthetic solution for your interior decoration. Bring your walls to life with Season Paper's geometric wallpapers, combining art, quality, and environmental commitment for a decoration that reflects you.