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Forget photos of kittens in baskets, use our pad of 10 tear-off postcards instead.
You'll always have one when needed.

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Exclusive Season Paper Detachable Postcards

Say goodbye to cliché pictures of kittens in baskets! Opt for our block of 10 detachable postcards, a practical solution to always have a card on hand. Season Paper presents a unique collection that combines aesthetics and practicality, all produced in an enlightened manner.

Practical and Original Postcard Blocks

Explore our collection of blocks of 10 postcards, each measuring 10 x 5 cm and detachable for easy use. Featuring 5 different motifs, this block offers a variety of exclusive illustrations created by hand by Julie and Mélissa, the founders of Season Paper. The ivory creation paper used for the production of our postcards ensures exceptional quality, incomparable writing comfort, and an elegant support for your personal messages.

Through our detachable postcards, immerse yourself in the artistic universe of Season Paper and our exclusive patterns. Each illustration is meticulously hand-drawn by Julie and Mélissa, using various techniques such as gouache, watercolor, markers, or even digital tablets. Driven by their attraction to geometric shapes, birds, and flowers, they infuse their boundless creativity into new creations throughout the year. These unique patterns define regular collections, giving a unique artistic dimension to our detachable postcards.

Made in France Postcards

At Season Paper, the French production of our postcards and other everyday objects is not just a choice but an obvious part of our philosophy. Our commitment to local, French know-how, and support for local businesses is at the heart of our approach. Working with the same partners since our inception, we have established strong and mutually beneficial relationships. Our blocks of postcards, like our other stationery items, are printed and crafted in a family-owned business in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, with which we have been collaborating since 2014.

A Considerate Production Approach for Our Postcards

At Season Paper, our growing commitment to more ethical and ecological production is embodied in every step of the manufacture of our postcard blocks. The papers used are all certified, and the printing is done with solvent-free and mineral oil-free vegetable inks, ensuring a fully recyclable product. Our manufacturer is FSC, Imprim vert, and ISO 14001 certified, attesting to our ongoing efforts to reduce environmental impacts.

The papers used to produce our postcards come from sustainably managed forests in Europe, including Sweden and Slovenia. This selection reflects our commitment to responsibly sourced materials.

Our desire to act for a more enlightened production continues with a reduced carbon footprint thanks to 100% French manufacturing. We work with artisans committed to responsible manufacturing processes. The providers we have chosen, including an ESAT for the packaging of our stationery, including our postcards, and a logistics provider promoting social inclusion, underline our strong commitment to social responsibility.

Our productions are established as fairly as possible, and any surplus is directed to solidarity sales, reinforcing our commitment to contribute positively to society.

Choose a Season Paper block of postcards and rest assured you always have an original messenger on hand to send your sweetest memories.