Find online our joyful stationery made in France with care. In the office or at home, let our designs brighten up your everyday life.

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Made in France Stationery: Rediscover the Joy of Writing

Explore the world of Season Paper's made in France stationery, where each notebook, journal, and notepad embodies the perfect alliance between functionality and responsible commitment, all within the framework of French manufacturing.

Local Manufacturing of Our Made in France Stationery

Season Paper's stationery items are not just a collection of writing tools. They represent an immersion in French craftsmanship. Each pattern is meticulously designed and hand-drawn by Julie and Mélissa, the founders of the brand, in their illustration studio in Montreuil. Moreover, our notebooks, notepads, journals, and other made in France stationery items have been crafted since 2014 in a factory in Nouvelle Aquitaine, in collaboration with a trusted partner, contributing to reducing our footprint while maintaining exceptional quality standards.

Responsible Materials for Our French Stationery

In our quest for sustainability, we prioritize responsible materials for our made in France stationery collections. The papers we use (Munken Pure rough 300gsm and Sorapress 90gsm) come from responsibly managed forests in Europe and are manufactured in Sweden and Slovenia. Our partners adhere to strict standards such as EMAS, ISO14001, PEFC, and FSC. The original Season Paper patterns are printed using solvent-free vegetable inks, strengthening our commitment to thoughtful manufacturing and minimizing the production impact. Our French printer, holding the Imprim'vert label, attests to our dedication to more ecological practices.

Regular Collections of Unique Made in France Stationery

Our made in France stationery brand offers exclusive collections several times per season. You will find:

  • notebooks;
  • journals;
  • pocket notebooks;
  • notepads;
  • monthly and weekly planners;
  • greeting cards.

To ensure that writing is always a pleasure, new original patterns are imagined and hand-drawn throughout the year by Julie and Mélissa in their studio near Paris. Thus, on your notebooks, journals, greeting cards, and other notepads, you will find their favorite inspirations such as geometric shapes, birds, and flowers, in always harmoniously chosen hues. Enjoy a wide selection of illustrations for stationery items that combine beauty and functionality.

Ethical and Social Commitment of Our Made in France Stationery Brand

Committed to a more ethical management of our production, we try to limit surpluses, destructions, and sales resulting from excess stock. Surplus products are donated to solidarity sales, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable consumption. Furthermore, our social commitment is evident at different stages of the process. The packaging of our products is entrusted to an ESAT, promoting social inclusion through work, and our logistics partner also contributes by providing employment opportunities for those seeking to reintegrate into the job market.

Since 2012, Season Paper has been offering made in France stationery items. The passion of its creators for creativity and their committed approach to increasingly local and sustainable production invite you to rediscover the joy of writing every day. Explore the different collections and adopt products that harmonize utility, aesthetics, and responsibility.