The art of correspondence is above all to choose the right card! To send a message or give free rein to your pen, our card shop is there for all your words. Birthdays, congratulations, wishes, words of love... illustrated or patterned cards. Also plantable cards, postcards and larger cards.

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Season Paper Greeting Cards: Creativity and Commitment to Convey All Your Messages

Welcome to the world of Season Paper greeting cards, where each card features an exclusive design printed on high-quality paper. Discover our greeting cards made in France, with original patterns imagined in Montreuil and hand-drawn by Julie and Mélissa, the founders of the brand.

Our Different Greeting Cards

Themed Cards

Explore our diverse range of themed cards, each telling a unique story. Whether for a birthday, a hello, a thank you, thoughts, love wishes, Christmas, or the New Year, our themed greeting cards convey your emotions with cheerfulness.

Message Cards

Express yourself in a personalized way with our message cards. Printed and manufactured in Paris by an FSC-certified printer, similar to our themed cards, these double cards offer exceptional quality. Thanks to digital printing on Rives ivory 250g/m² creation paper, each message greeting card reveals a slightly glossy aspect, adding a touch of brilliance to your words.

Plantable Cards

Innovate with our plantable greeting cards, the perfect blend of aesthetics and sustainability. Each plantable card contains seeds ready to germinate and flourish, transforming your message into a floral experience that will leave a lovely memory. A unique way to spread joy while contributing to the preservation of our environment.

Large Cards

For special occasions that deserve a grand message, our large cards with their white envelope are the ideal choice to convey your sweetest wishes. Original patterns and a beautiful format of 16x21cm make these cards the perfect messenger to address your warmest feelings to your loved ones.

Postcard Blocks

Discover our blocks of 10 postcards, a convenient set to share your thoughts with family and friends. With 5 different patterns and remarkable ivory paper quality, these blocks are the dream choice for those who love to handwrite.

Greeting Cards that Signify a Commitment to Ethical and Responsible Production

At Season Paper, our commitment goes beyond creativity. We affirm our intention to produce more thoughtfully at every stage of the process:

  • All our cards are printed on FSC-certified paper, promoting sustainable forest management.
  • We use digital printing, a technique that allows us to produce in small quantities, thereby reducing surplus and ensuring efficient stock management.
  • The packaging of our cards, carried out by an ESAT in Paris since 2016, underscores our support for social inclusion.

Explore our collection of greeting cards, where every detail tells a unique story, and offer a unique setting for your most important messages. With Season Paper, slide all your sweet words into a card that will become a lovely keepsake, to hang on the wall or place on a desk.