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Which wallpaper to choose for a living room? A strong pattern for an assertive statement or more sober lines to subtly enhance the style of your interior. Here you will find a selection to achieve both.

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Living Room Wallpapers: An Artistic Touch by Season Paper

The decoration of a living space is an expression of your personality and lifestyle. To add a touch of originality and character to this space, wallpapers play an essential role. At Season Paper, each pattern is a work of art drawn by hand with passion and precision in our pattern studio in Montreuil. Under the artistic direction of Julie and Mélissa, the brand's founders, we offer you a collection of wallpapers for the living room that combines creativity, quality, and environmental commitment.

Collections of Original Patterns for Unique Living Room Wallpapers

Whether you're looking for a modern graphic pattern, a retro touch from the 70s, or an explosion of floral colors, our range of living room wallpapers offers a variety of choices to satisfy all tastes and decoration styles. Opt for a contemporary ambiance with our graphic patterns, available in a wide range of colors. Designs like Patience, Sun, Géométrie, Trame, or Lignes will bring a modern and dynamic dimension to your living room. Bring your walls to life with our animal patterns. Choose from designs such as Cache cache, Imagine, Ouistiti, or Ciel de Paris, for a playful, poetic, and charming atmosphere. For a subtly nostalgic atmosphere, our selection of living room wallpapers offers delightfully retro patterns like Pop, Crossroads, or Wavy. Dive into the seventies' universe and create a vintage ambiance in your living space. Finally, add a touch of nature to your interior with our floral and botanical patterns. From the sparkling daisies of Passionnément to the lush motifs of Palme and Abondance, and the vibrant flower bouquets of Cottage, Nectar, and Heure d’été, give your living room a breath of fresh air and vitality.

The French Quality of Our Wallpapers for Your Living Room

Since 2018, we have been committed to offering quality products, carefully made and increasingly environmentally conscious. In collaboration with a family-owned business based in the Lyon region, we print our non-woven wallpapers on demand, thus highlighting French craftsmanship. This made-to-order process ensures consistent quality from one production to another. The smooth and matte finish of our wallpapers for the living room offers exceptional color rendering and unparalleled light resistance. Easy to install, they also have great light resistance, ensuring long-term durability.

The Priority of Thoughtful Production for Our Living Room Wallpapers

At Season Paper, we believe in production that is increasingly mindful of environmental respect. That's why our non-woven wallpapers are fully FSC certified, without PVC or formaldehyde, and fire-resistant. Our water-based, eco-labeled inks emit no VOCs, preserving indoor air quality. Additionally, we are committed to recycling by collecting and recycling all consumables used in the production of our wallpapers for the living room. Finally, our products are carefully packaged in recycled and recyclable cardboard, promoting a short circuit to reduce our logistical impact. Browse through our collection of wallpapers for the living room that combines aesthetics, quality, and responsibility, and make your living room an inspiring space with our wide choice of unique and original patterns.